Applied Synergy PDF Viewer V1.1 for OpenVMS


The Applied Synergy, Inc. PDF Viewer V1.1 for OpenVMS is the highest performance and easiest to use PDF Viewer available for VMS.




System Requirements

Java is NOT required.

(not available online yet)

User's Manual TXT, PS, PDF
Installation Manual TXT, PS, PDF
License TXT, PS, PDF
Software Product Description TXT, PS, PDF
Release Notes HTML

Please read this special announcement about the future of the PDF Viewer.


The ASI PDF Viewer is licensed on a per file, concurrent use basis. That is, each license unit allows one concurrently open PDF file.

The license fee for the ASI PDF Viewer provides:

Free 30 day evaluations are available upon request.

PDF Viewer Software Downloads


Before Downloading

A few sites have reported problems running the PDF Viewer. For more information about this problem, or to get a test program to check your system, click here.


ASI PDF Viewer V1.1 Installation Kits

PDF011.A VMSINSTAL kit (6336 blocks)  [RFM:FIX,LRL:9216]
PDF011.ZIP ZIP file (3442 blocks)
PDF011_SFX.AXPEXE Alpha self extracting executable (3592 blocks)

The ASI PDF Viewer X1.2 (Beta) is now available for download.

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